Answers for some of the most common questions (F.A.Q.) and issues about ANATOMYOU VR

ANATOMYOU VR is based on 3D-immersive technology to provide an easy way to learn anatomy focused in minimally invasive techniques.

Current methodology of learning anatomy is based on static methods with no relation to the clinical procedures. In ANATOMYOU VR you will become part of the human anatomy, navigating through it as if you were a device used in a minimally invasive procedure.

ANATOMYOU VR is an extension of an human anatomy atlas. It helps you to understand the anatomy required for the minimally invasive procedures and locate yourself in a 3D environment.

Below are the minimum and recommended requirements to use ANATOMYOU VR:

  • Operative system
    • Minimum: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) / iOS8
    • Recommended: Android 7.0 (Nougat) / iOS10
  • Gyroscope/Accelerometer
    • Required
  • Screen
    • Minimum: 4.7″
    • Recommended: 6.0″
  • Graphics
    • Minimum: OpenGL ES 3.1 (Android 5.0 / iOS8)
    • Recommended: OpenGL ES 3.2 ( Android 7.0 / iOS8)
  • Processor
    • Minimum: Dual-core
    • Recommended: Quad-core
  • Memory
    • Minimum: 2GB RAM
    • Recommended: 4GB RAM
  • Hard disk free space
    • Minimum: 500MB
    • Recommended: 1GB
  • Devices
    • iPhone 6 or higher
    • iPad 2 or higher

Yes. Even though this technology is becoming more popular, ANATOMYOU VR can still be used without a VR gear, by selecting the fullscreen mode in the settings panel.

ANATOMYOU VR is the first app developed by StereoInMotion and has been used as a pilot programme in the University of  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of La Laguna.

ANATOMYOU VR is an app for anyone interested in human anatomy. You can learn anatomical areas and its structures in a virtual reality environment.

ANATOMYOU VR was initially developed to enhance the education of health science students, residents and specialists that need to improve in their anatomical knowledge, focused in minimally invasive procedures.

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